Thursday, April 12, 2012

Plazma Burst 2 Game Review

Have you ever played Plazma Burst? If not then skip the first and play this one. This game is a very challenging space age shooter game. You work your way from level to level destroying anything that moves and while the first few levels may seem easy, this games get difficult quick fast and in a hurry. Character control quickly becomes a problem in this game which throws most people off but this is a space game, you are in a battle suit so it would make sense that the gravity may not be the same and the air might be thinner so simple things like gun recoil may be something you need to think about. There is a Max Payne style slow motion key which is helpful when fighting three of four bad guys, it really just helps you avoid getting hit. Love that feature, wish I had that in a lot of games I've played.

Graphics are pretty good for a free flash game but the sound track is perfect for this game style and play. The music works well, even when you advance further into the maze of levels the music just fits. I like the way the special sound effects fit in the game as well. The screeching noise you hear out of your enemy that sounds more like Fulgore in the game Killer Instinct. The distinctions between weapon sounds and looks was well done too. I think I honestly played this game until I beat it, which still took me two weeks. I never seem to have the time to do walkthroughs but yet I have beaten almost every game I've played minus the MMORPG's that are more long term than anything.

Here's a short video of the game, I'm no pro but I do alright. I also chose to play this game on only the hard setting. The first time I did a run through on it, I did it on the easy setting and that got difficult around level 21 or so but once you hit 30 there is a wall ( figuratively not literally ) there that is difficult to get over and you need to upgrade your weapons just to scrape through the stage. The upgrades are noticeable and well priced so don't be shy on upgrading. I also like that there are plenty of weapons to choose from and you can carry up to 9 on you which is pretty cool. If you repeat enough levels or play the game long enough to have enough money you can buy a weapon even if you haven't come across it in the levels your are on, this is cool, downside is if you invest in weapons rather than upgrading the best ones then your wasting your time, some of these aliens you face don't want to go down, they have a slightly tilted advantage on armor if you ask me. So you always want to have the strongest weapon you can upgraded fully. Some weapons you will need to get you out of jams, over obstacles, or just to make you fly for fun. If you go to this site you can play the MMO version with people from all over the world. Playing shooter games is fun but it's twice as fun when your playing people rather than NPCs.

    Good all around game fun to play, great music, great graphics, decent story line, the game is good there's not doubt. As far as flash games goes this one is top notch, and for more games like this one and many more goto LoL Fun Games.Com. As a note when I wrote this blog the link to Plazma Burst 2 was down, but that happens from time to time when you have a MMO site.